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Google’s Billion Dollar Game Plan

Monday, January 29, 2007

Its high time you stop running around following self acclaimed Search Engine Marketers and gurus, when you can build your Online business empire. Focusing on your business to make it world class should be the most important thing for you. Interactive blogs/sites where visitor need is the focus, do more business rather than highly optimized sites. These sites easily get a page rank of 4 and with a bit of focus on their marketing strategies yields a 5 or 6 PR. Google wants you to do the same. No amount of SEO would help till you do not have good traffic to your site.

Well you would say SEO will bring traffic to your site, and I would agree with you contradicting my own statement, but you need many other traffic resources to fulfill the your need of increasing your prospect base.

Link building is one of the ways your gurus will tell you to put your efforts and money in. If your blog is running good, or even if it is just upcoming you will have to handle many link exchange requests. They not yet realize that link exchange is of no use now and was technique of the past. Search engines became aware of the fact that webmasters are trying to lead them into believing their pseudo popularity, and started to discount such strategies. They will award a PR of 2 to such cases.

Links from link purchase are also considered non earned and is not effective any more. This is leading to a downfall of link selling business which was once much hyped. The basic motive of link purchase and link exchange was for SEO and generating traffic, which was not very useful for either of them. Google now takes care that people follow the long and natural way to make these links. According to its official blog:-
“[…]Google has tremendously refined its link-weighting algorithms. We have more people working on Google's link-weighting for quality control and to correct issues we find. So nowadays, undermining the PageRank algorithm is likely to result in the loss of the ability of link-selling sites to pass on reputation via links to other sites. Discounting non-earned links by search engines opened a new and wide field of tactics to build link-based popularity: Classically this involves optimizing your content so that thematically-related or trusted websites link to you by choice.[…]” To read the rest of the article you can click here.

Now what is the game I am talking about. What everybody knows is that Google is the master of all the search engine traffic. With all this strictness coming into scene the money being invested in the above techniques is left on the table. The biggest under cover game of Google

From where do Google earns? It has a giant infrastructure and all services it offers are free. So how do they get the funds to maintain these services. The only place where Google generates income is through advertising which is better known as their Adwords program, and the only way you can generate targeted traffic is by advertising for your site in their sponsored results.

All the content of your site and the hard work that goes into it will only give you a few cents each click on the adsense ads placed on your blog/site, while Google earns in million of dollars using your very own efforts, because the bulk of adsense usage.

If you want to earn a few dollars from these ads you will need a lot of traffic to your site, and where will the traffic come from till your site is not on the top of result pages? From investing in their Adwords. Who is the master, Google, and who is dancing to its tunes, we the webmasters who want to earn their bread and butter or a Merc from our online business.

If you want to make your own rules, then play the game differently to get the ball in your court. Google does pay you a little price for the labor you put in the right direction. What it stresses on is to make links naturally and organically or by Linkbaiting. The more focused your site is, the more targeted and better quality ads you’ll get. Another point to notice is the stress on using Social Media sites like Digg.
Other lines from the same article says:-
“[…]Discounting non-earned links by search engines opened a new and wide field of tactics to build link-based popularity: Classically this involves optimizing your content so that thematically-related or trusted websites link to you by choice. A more recent method is link baiting, which typically takes advantage of Web 2.0 social content websites. One example of this new way of generating links is to submit a handcrafted article to a service such as digg.com. Another example is to earn a reputation in a certain field by building an authority through services such as http://answers.yahoo.com. Our general advice is: Always focus on the users and not on search engines when developing your optimization strategy. Ask yourself what creates value for your users. Investing in the quality of your content and thereby earning natural back links benefits both the users and drives more qualified traffic to your site.[…]”

Don’t hang around asking for links anymore. Give people reasons to link you. Be the champion of your own game like Google is. Make your rules and let others play by it. Be the pioneer of new methodologies which are ethical and safe. Build your business. All the self made SEO gurus are in reality amateurs and do not know what actually SEO is. A successful SEO expert knows to assess the nerve of visitor’s psychology, how they come, where they click and where lies the potential traffic source. Its not about Search Engines its about you and your visitors, because business is made of Humans not Search Engine Robots. Follow Google’s advice to beat it and it will love you for making it loose.

Cheers To your Success,
Divya Uttam

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