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Creating Vision for Bloggers Generation Next

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I made a promise in my last post to give out the Secret, and have started a countdown, but don’t you think Secrets are revealed at the end of it.

Marketing is done most effectively when endorsed by celebrities and people having Good Fan Following. Similarly a Blogger’s success depends upon his readership, people following his advice, and how much persuasive he is. With Blogging crossing the age of adolescence and becoming mature a blogger’s job is no more a toddler’s play. A more professional and organized and focused mindset is required for getting any success in blogging. A successful blogger should be able to grab Big Blogging job opportunities and much more. So before I open up my so called ‘Secret’, here is my present definition for those who want to be called as Famous Bloggers.

An outlook of what a Famous Blogger should:-
1) Build Recognition for his employer of a project/contract he gets.
2) Have High persuasion Capabilities
3) Marketing Mind and Strong Understanding with his traffic
4) Know how to brand himself as well as products he is marketing
5) Know the Art to make fan followings.

We have seen the development of high traffic generating sites in the past, precisely called Evolution of Web2.0. Tapping the best of traffic from the social media is not as simple as stated by most internet marketing gurus. All the above mentioned mediums drive oodles of traffic which can be highly targeted and with persuasion capabilities you can easily develop regular readership. It definitely require Think Tank and a proper channel to get maximum out of this traffic. Now with the increase influence of internet in the markets and development of social media, its time to get more talented bloggers into lime light and make them celebrities.

The Quest which I’ll be launching soon, would be the first phase of finding and upbringing the finest bloggers who are willing to tap blogging as a big career as well as business opportunity into a great business model and to establish their dominance and prove their celebrity status.

So Guys are you all ready? Just have a little patience, and Yes there would be a lot to take home with you and the most Obvious FAME for many.

P.S. Only Great bloggers can make blogging jobs a profitable option for any business firm. Be one of them.


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posted by Divya Uttam, 11:41 AM


Oh the wait!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:26 PM  

Great Blog full of information and all the qualities to make a blog suspense thriller, BTW you are creating buzz through your blog and must be having some fan following you with that countdown, some already have you in their feeds and keeping a constant watch on your posts,
As, one says, the name reflects the quality,
take care,

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:23 AM  

Yes Divya I will be waiting for your quest.
"An outlook of what a Famous Blogger...." I would like to add one more point if you don't mind.

"Write the posts in your blog as simple as possible."

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:29 AM  

Hi Divya,

Great to see your blog, informative. I learn something from your.


Allan Tan

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:02 PM  

Divia, becoming great at anything requires a competitive sprit a burning desire and a great product. Early this morning in Chicago on Black Enterprise TV show, I was made aware of a web site, Allhiphop.com.These guys made no money untill 2004, did over 500,000 dollars in ad revenue in 05, and anticipated 1mm in 06. It took some time and they kept reinvesting untill it started. Lesson learned, have a strong nitche and love your topic

commented by Blogger JD, 5:59 AM  

knowledge is power, and this blog has it! great post!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:14 AM  

Those numbers... oh it makes me want to go mad and give away all my money.

I can not wait untill "... 1... 0!"

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:48 AM  

But more seriousely. That concept diagram is great.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:53 AM  

That diagram is really nice...good job !

commented by Blogger Ash Srivastava, 8:15 PM  

In the hour since I got out of bed, I've already seen two posts talking about taking the blog to the next level. It must be synchronicity. Yes, I'll be hanging around for your Vision.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:22 AM  

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