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This is going to Rock the Blogosphere

Monday, April 09, 2007

I know I have been inconsistent in posting from a few days... And my readers annoyed of it. I will tell you why now...

I have been working on something that is going to rock the blogosphere and that’s a promise.

With the growth of so many dedicated bloggers, there is a high need for recognition. It's so more demanding and its high time to bring in more Recognition and opportunities for the upcoming blogs who deserve to be there. Its expected that all blogsphere would prove their existence as more as collective democratic unit in the world of diverse Internet.

1000's of reviews and millions of diggs, so many spams and many so controversies makes this blogsphere so very interesting, now it is time to Rock it.

Firstly Before I Leak out the Secret, I will take this space to thank all my readers who have been still sticking with me and my irregularities.

With this blog I have made so many good friends and contacts like JimDWalton, Antman, ...and never to forget Lordmatt, Franciov n Dave White. I would like to give special mention to Amanda who many times asked to host my blog in her servers free of cost, which ir really appreciated. All those people who joined my Blog community and made this, a very simple blog among Top 50 blogs of MyBlogLog.

I may not have at certain times done the tag posts but it's really makes one feel good when you are tagged and these are those who have tagged me recently-

Best Blog Basket
Necessary Skills
Today Is That Day
Financial Independence

I have been working to watch all the upcoming blogs, the good and the not so professional ones, and to be true many have amazed me. The passion we bloggers have towards our blogs(read as children) and pain we take to bring them up to the level of maturity needs more appreciation, and Fame. Now I would expect similar love and appreciation from the blogsphere, and most my efforts would be to bring more worth to newbies as well as established bloggers.

Be the Part of Revolution.

I know I have not still let out the BIG WHY and HOW and WHAT but I will do that in the next post...

AND one more thing there are going to be all important updates here in coming weeks so expect lesser of tutorials here at least for now. I will recommend one more thing... Subscribe the feeds there would be plenty of updates, Because the countdown has Started.


Divya Uttam

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posted by Divya Uttam, 11:00 AM


If I may speak honestly?

I just came upon randomly, and I am intrigued by this post.

Curious as I am, I just subscribed to your feed.

And -still being honest- I'd probably unsubscribe if this proves to be just another affiliate pitch.

If it is, please delete this comment. If not, you've got a new reader.

7.. 6.. 5..

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:58 PM  

You are a special lady and thanks for the mention, I cannot wait for you to rock the blogworld and unverse, but you have done that already, 4,3,2....

commented by Blogger JD, 2:01 PM  

Looking forward for your 1. subscribed for the feeds, but I expect this doesnot turn out to be some link building technique or some hyped product launch. This blog has always been great source for information.
Best of Luck Divya

Vijaya Nathan

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:31 PM  

Love the pic, a great read with my morning coffee. Keeping us on our toes are you....

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:28 AM  

I like your site you have some good tips what about a webhosting company that offers a blog do you think they should do that or no?

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:49 AM  

You know suspense will bring us back. Now I'll be thinking of this all day long wondering what it is.

commented by Blogger Ginene, 7:10 PM  

I know this is a suspenseful post and Being Very Honest This is no affiliate pitch and neither I am selling anything and neither a link building technique.

I promise you will appreciate my efforts after I open this little secret. Its of benefit of all the bloggers and would provide them more Fame.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 9:22 AM  

You got me hooked...I just subscribed.

commented by Blogger Digitalnomad, 12:12 PM  

I'm glad I stopped in today. :)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:15 PM  

Here is your italian teacher! :D

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:35 PM  

hmm eager to see what that secret thing is.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:18 PM  

Well, whatever it turns out to be, this is a nice piece of marketing!
Good luck,

commented by Blogger Mike Perry, 9:20 AM  

Sounds exciting! I've only just discovered the blogosphere and have been working on my own blog, so can't wait for the secret! Your blog is the first blog I ever subscribed to, thanks for an awesome resource and inspiration.

Annie :)

commented by Blogger Leanne, 2:44 AM  

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