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Whats Your Avatar?

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Are all bloggers blogging for fame? You might chalk out various reasons for the answer where people blog for money, traffic, online presence or to be present there in their own little space to share their thoughts with others. One ingredient is common for most of us and that is blogging for Fame, whose extent can vary for different persons.

We all start with the daunting task of building our online presence, struggling to build our own space in the Blogosphere. When it comes to being a part of community we try to add attractive avatars. Just adding our own picture doesn’t help in building the rappo or creating as much of recognition, or convey our buzz factor we might want to send.In personal blogs, or many time in social networking sites your Avatars should build the personality, and should be able to reflect the nature of your personality.

What are Avatars?

They are an extension to your personality, and basically identity of you in web or in online social network websites. Most people create avatars to represent themselves. As a representation of one’s personality or lifestyle, to create avatars is like expressing one’s self. Avatars are popular as simply graphics, and they might be in the form of GIF, BMP, or JPG format not only when it is created but when it is uploaded. In most cases, to create avatars as well as to edit graphics is not a very easy process. It is considered to be a subject that cannot be easily or readily explained or taught.

Why do we bother for our online avatars:

Basically our avatars are the most important identification for most of us on the Internet. It many times reflects our thoughts; it markets us, and even build relationships before even website/blog or profile page. Sometimes when one is not known much, Avatars become reason for huge fan club and following.

Avatars as a secret weapon for online success:

It’s really tough for focused blogging or interaction in social sites when a person doesn’t have readers or viewers of ones blog. In fact many companies have added different animated talking avatars as their website communication agents, and even got their sales improvement.

So we all try to have our avatars as attractive as much, similar way we try to dress ourselves the best. Many times it can be as important as it can be the content of your blog, as web is becoming so socially dominant. It can speak for you are even do lot of marketing for you. Checkout Antmans Avatar, he does what he speaks. He is providing fame to many through his shoutouts, notice the mike his avatar is holding.

From his own blog: We bet you’re asking what is up with the ant? Ant’s don’t "buzz"! That is correct. We would like to give thanks to Chris Anderson, Author of "The Long Tail" www.thelongtail.com for the inspiration. Thanks Chris!!!!

"For a generation of customers used to doing their buying research via search engine, a company’s brand is not what the company says it is, but what Google says it is. The new tastemakers are us. Word of mouth is now a public conversation, carried in blog comments and customer reviews, exhaustively collated and measured. The ants have megaphones." Chris Anderson - "The Long Tail"

How can we forgot so controversial avatar of Marketing Pilgrim in MyBlogLog and so much adored avatar of a very interesting blog of Ilker Yoldas

There can be many more useful uses an avatar can do for online business, and for your presence in social networking site when it gets very memorable and attractive.

Some very interesting services for getting your avatars:
So where can you get your very own Avatars.
I know I have missed few but still you can check these out.

Have some really great picture of yours, which is reflecting most of you. This could be really good and even helps in branding yourself. You can customize your picture for your different profiles from here: Mypictr

Or you can create a animated clone of your own using a very interesting service at Gizmoz create and you can even add your own voice to it.

You can search among the thousands of free icons at Iconator and could find a very specific ones for yourself which conveys your messages. This site is updated almost daily.

A great place for all those girl bloggers out there to create your own personality extension, or guys wanting to have girl avatars can check Dollwizard like above.

It would be really great if you could provide more information for free as well as paid resources/services for getting better avatars.

Go create one fr your own.
Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 12:12 PM


I have the best avatar. Not the prettiest. But the best. Please, no comments about my big fat head or my lovely haircut.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:14 PM  

Thanks Divya! :)

commented by Blogger ilker, 3:06 AM  

Good post. Very helpful. Thanks.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:33 AM  

Another great post Divya. I change my avatar to reflect what's going on. Right now I'm promoting the China Search Marketing Tour so I have the blinking avatar but I really like my keep on bloggin' one. Ilker did a great job explainin his use of the avatar but like you he creates great content and that wins everytime.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:57 PM  

Nice post and yes, you are right in what you say. Avatars are how we want to show ourselves to others, meaning that we express our feelings and thoughts into the making of them.. Well put there!

commented by Blogger Sandy, 5:14 AM  

Hi Divya,
Firstly I would just like to say what a great blog you have. I am diying to know how you customised it so much, perhaps you could make a tutorial post about some simple customisation techniquest we can all use on blogger blogs? (things like adding our own Icon for in the header, and how you made those links at the very top of the page).

I also noticed 'Dosh Dosh' is in your blogroll. I am a regular reader of Dosh Dosh and I have exchanged lnks with Maki - the author. I am wondering If you would be interested in a link exchange with me? My blog is called 'Successful Online Money Making !', it is ranked 23,000 in Technorati (just to give you a reason! lol).

Keep up the great blog!!


commented by Blogger 608, 11:59 AM  

Hey thanks for all the comments. Ilker you are welcome. We love your posts too David and your China tour Avatar says it all. I hope you enjoy China, plan an Indian, so that I can join in.

Right said morgania. Matt I have noted your advie will do that soon.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 11:40 AM  

Avatars are cool and have been around for quite some time too. Depending on what I am doing or what program I am using my avatar changes. Currently my mybloglog.com avatar is that of a black dragon with emerald eyes, it goes along with one of my usernames OnyxDragun. My other avatars usually go with my other usernames as well. SharkBait gets a picture of great white etc..

Do I have issues with power? Seems that way huh? a Black Dragon? A great white shark? Crazy never thought of it that way, I'm definitely not a power-trip kind of person, I'm relatively laid back!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:26 PM  

I agree with your thoughts in avatar. I have not found yet an avatar that really reflects my personality so I keep on changing it. Thanks for the link to Gizmo, I might try using it. :)

commented by Blogger Fleur, 11:26 PM  

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