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Blogging To Fame Launching

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Secret is out. Blogging to Fame is launching on 10th May,2007 and will be open for nominations and participation.Winners will get awards more than US $100,000.

posted by Divya Uttam, 12:01 PM


I am waiting for participating in this Divya. Nice work on video and an impressive logo as well.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:34 PM  

That's how you promote! Looking forward to the 10th.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:34 PM  

Hi Divya

i love the fame icon.I wanted to know a couple of things about the event:

* have the rules been announced??

* Can i nominate my own blog?

* Do i have to be an established blgger already, or can i grow along with the project and still win

commented by Blogger Basketer, 11:23 PM  

Where will those user ratings (democracy:D) take place ? Is some Web2.0 service used or how ?

commented by Blogger Unknown, 11:37 PM  

Hi Divya

nice blog! nice & good articles..
hello Divya_Uttam ... what's the rules and conditions for it?

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:35 PM  

Post after a long gap... lotsa queries 'whassup' / what r the rules?... Anxiety has shifted base..
The boot is on the other foot.. Color of money? or true top notch flame for Divya? I'm for the latter.
BTW love the Olympic style torch.. Flying flame rhyming with the Fame.. Rgds, Rajas.

commented by Blogger Rajas, 12:47 AM  

Hi Divya, I really like your blog, great content and helpful to a newbie like me. Hey I blog about you today!

commented by Blogger bokjae, 7:26 AM  

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