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The Reality of Business Blogging- Conversations to Connections

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why do people blog? To share, to experience, to generate ideas.

Blogging starts with a conversation with its readers and ends with it. Business Blogging is when these expressions and relations take a more a serious turn. Where your readers are also your prospects, and your relationship with them is more than that of a friend. You are their guide, and their adviser.

At Better Business Blog Mark talks about making connections. He says

"[…] with business blogs, we need to go further.

Meaningful dialogue on a business blog, I believe, is different. It is about taking that one step extra. It's still built on the basis that people prefer to do business with people they like and trust, but surely that means going above and beyond a simple conversation. In business, it's only when these conversations lead somewhere that they become truly useful in commercial terms. For me, that is about creating connections.[…]"

Mark justifies…

"[…]a connection is when communication on business blogs makes an impact or really strikes a chord with those reading them. The type of connection when something "clicks" as you talk with someone … at whatever level. Ideas, commitment, personality, integrity, presentation perhaps. It's the type of link up which actually signifies something because of the mutual interest it creates. It's this which indicates an intention to make contact with that person again rather than a conversational exchange and then a parting of ways[…]"

Conversations in business are as important as otherwise. Conversation is exchange of thoughts, ideas, opinions and feelings, and that is the essence of blogging. Business Blogging should make more sense and provide more value. So in short, business blogging cannot be restricted to creating impact, but a much better platform to get inputs from your client side.

Blogging is not to create impact what used to be done with conventional websites and also what our ads are doing from ages. Blogs provide a unique platform to get connect and understand your market. A post in your business blog would help your market know your company and you more closely, help you convey something to them.

I understand that most of the companies are still trying to use internet effectively, and using Blogosphere is still far from it. One thing should be taken very seriously at-least for blog-o-sphere. No one can push things here. It won't take them far. So Business blogging should focus involving and making connection by bringing more people into your conversation circle.

As far as connections are concerned, only a meaningful conversation, can take you to the level. Things only click when one is able to convey right and useful information across in a business. I consider conversations and connections to be two stations to a destination called business. Where every connection can only be reached when it is started with a proper level of conversation. All the description that Mark made would be an en route from Conversation and Connection.

Where business blogging is concerned, blogs speak for themselves. They provide information and maintain customer relations. Business Blogging is in its nascent stage. Blogging was involved into the business scenario to build relationships with customers and prospects. By providing and assisting him and communicating with them.

Successful connections automatically takes place after one is able to create a helpful communication. Where you have to leave an impact on your reader and touching him on strings important to him, or as Mark said striking the right Chord, call conversation as a medium of attaining end result called Connection.

Understand your market, do a little research. It would be easy to find the problems your clients are going through. Give them the kind of solutions they are looking for. Develop a relationship with your readers. The trust and belief you will build through such an conversation, they would love to be customers. Remember as per P.T. Barnum, "A customer is Born every minute", you just have to convey it to him.

Divya Uttam

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posted by Divya Uttam, 1:53 AM


Hi Divya, I think you've hit this one square on. Without a doubt a blog needs to be engaging - whether personal or business. As with face to face meetings you are never going to hit it off with everyone but it is imperative to converse with your real target. Good post.

commented by Blogger Wizzer, 1:03 AM  

I agree that Business blogging is certainly a terrific way to ensure that your clients know a wee bit better or to launch a new product/service or would work as your own private PR vehicle... Valuable! keep at it :-)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:05 AM  

Couldn't agree more!
Well sai...ups, written! :)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:11 PM  

Hi Divya,
Well written article. Many blogs are monetized in one form or another and some are just fun blogs, but in the blogosphere it is all about communicating with each other and building trust and mutual respect. Through BTF I have met some wonderful people with many different types of blog, but dialogue is the one essential ingredient.
It starts by simply leaving a worthy comment and you soon find that you are building communities that engage with each other, and it builds trust and mutual respect and allows us then to help others in our different ways.
The same would apply with business blogging - the creation of common dialogue, it works wonders.

Great post.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:38 AM  

Hi Divya! Hands up for you on this. I've been thinking for quite some time now why my boss wants me to blog regularly for our site. I really do not know where to start because I was instructed to just blog on anything. I am thinking from the business point of view of talking to our prospects -- in our case, book readers and authors, book clubs or circles, book authors. Our blogsite is called www.Bookjive.com/blog and you can see different kinds of topics there. I don't want to think that it is just for the purpose monetizing the site but... hey, I could start by conversing with my real target. Thanks for this enlightening post.

commented by Blogger Bookjive forum, 2:09 PM  

As a business blogger you'd also have to taken an active interest in your prospect's blogs, making constructive comments on their blogs, providing them tips and help in increasing traffic to their blogs etc....

commented by Blogger Roy Rajan, 12:26 AM  

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