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Blog Optimization- Holistic approach to Optimizing your blog

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I plan to run a Blog Optimization series this month covering as many aspects as possible in the following posts:

  1. Basic Blog Optimization
  2. On Page Blog Optimization
  3. Off Page Blog Optimization
  4. Optimizing Blog Posts
  5. Optimizing Blog Feeds

  6. Some Specifics like:

  7. Getting more Search Engines Traffic to your Blog
  8. Getting more Links to your Blog
  9. Using Google Analytics for Better Blog Optimization
  10. 9. Using Social Media for Blog Optimization
  11. 10. Advanced Blog Optimization

Before we begin with it, I would like you to do some homework...

For Optimizing any existing website or blog we follow the approach below and for new blogs, we follow the approach below. Yes, there is one and only approach towards blog optimization and that is this:

A Little Brain Storming-
When you are ready to optimize your blog, you will need to make a list of keywords you are targeting. Include all keywords broad and narrow related to your niche. You can use Google Keyword Tool to find keywords related to your niche. After you have the list, get all the keywords with high searches. This will give you an idea about the topics people need information.
If you are trying to optimize your blog for the first time, it is not advisable to target main keywords in round one, because of the competition you will face.

For example-

You have a blog about fashion you keyword list will look like:
Searches performed on Keyword Fashion in month of August is 673,000, but targeting it may not lead you anywhere near to first two SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages) because Google returns highly targeted 565,000,000 results for this search. If you target keywords like Fashion Trends with 8100 searches but lesser competitors, and appear on a prominent position in the first SERP, you have a possibility of attracting 8100 to your site per month for this single keyword, and that is not bad for a starting.
Once you start getting traffic for the shortlisted keywords you will be able to perform better on broader ones.

Now that we have the list, we are equipped for basic blog optimization. See you soon with the post. :)
posted by Divya Uttam, 12:31 AM


i was thinking THE exact same thing, thx for the confirmation ;)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:28 AM  

Excellent post as ever Divya. But how many bloggers do what you suggest?

commented by Blogger Jeremy Jacobs, 2:18 PM  

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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:19 AM  

Nice tip to optimize the blogs.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:42 PM  

your smart of blog design,I hope my blog as you. but please tell for free of blog news. thank

commented by Blogger Unknown, 6:38 AM  

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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:40 AM  

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