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5S of B.S.- OOPs!!! I meant Blogging Success.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Like those 4P's of Marketing- Product, Price, Promotion and Place(distribution), 5S' of Blogging Success are of great importance. These factors make your blog sustainable and effects its market presence. Simply put, we need to create and maintain a Blog which in the first instance will attract visitors and then encourage them to particpate by replying to our posts. Following on from that, we need to ensure it provides sufficient value or creates enough interest to make these visitors return and become regular readers as well as recommend our Blog to others.

The 5S' being :-
Substance - Suspense - Sociability- SEO - Syndication


Our first challenge is to get someone to read our blog, and that depends on the substance our content is made of. The quality and our way of expressing of what we write in the posts will be most important. We have to attract the readers to our Blog so that they can find out what we are writing about and how substancial it is!

The first thing that readers notice is the name of the blog and the Title of the post. They should also be suggestive of what you are going to tell and how useful it is to them. These are effectively the headlines which should capture the attention of the readers and, as any good copywriter knows, the headline is crucial in getting people to read the rest of the article. The titles should be attractive and hypnotic, suggestive of the substance your visitors are about to read.

Your content should be optimized with optimum keyword density and placement. Do not stuff keywords. This would degrade the quality of your content. Optimizing though is very necessary for search engines to find you.

Link to other Substantial blogs. Visitors will leave you sometime or the other, even if you bribe them with a Pizza, atleast they will go to sleep and eat(Life's basic neccessities need to be performed!!!). Give them opportunity to find more information about what they are searching for. You may not want to link to your competitors, but, you can link to blogs of parallel market. Like Internet marketing blogs can link to Search Engine Optimization blogs.

Do remember to give your readers a reason to return back. Give them an option to subscribe you through RSS. Or create suspense for your next posts. Ask them to give you feedback by commenting on your posts. Give them something that is thought provoking. Be personal with them. Don't ever talk to them as if you are talking to ten others. Get them one on one.

Key elements: consistent quality content, attractive title, optimised posts, good blog promotion

Now its your time to give me feedback. Stay with me to get more on this series.

Till then,
Happy Blogging
Divya Uttam.


posted by Divya Uttam, 4:28 AM


Interesting, I definitely agree that SEO is important even when writing posts. Every post you do is a new chance to attract a new user, to get them in the door.

Oh yeah, and another great way to get users to return are multi-part articles ;)

commented by Anonymous Tim, 12:21 PM  

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