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Does your Blog Giving back everything, you ever wanted…

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

…Or else you would regret later.

We all learned and obviously know from our recent experiences that blogs are gaining importance in so many forms. So many are able to create all Fortunes and all Fame, Followers, they could ever get from their lifestyle or working culture.

This is basically due to the basic inherit feature of Blogs. Internet is known to spread things fast and with coming of blog and using it effectively can spread your word most virally.
Have I asked, “Does your blog carry fire?”

That is, it makes you more visible. The more visible you are, the more reputation you get(exceptions are always there and this could do against you as well) and this will make your stand for doing things much better than people not visible.

A Blog can do lot for you but, Before that you will have to do your LOT!
Right spirit, insightful knowledge, correct approach and a proper blogging strategy are among Key features you should be clear before you can put your coins.

Proper Niche command + Blogging Strategy
Your Blog Verve
Your Blogging Success

Yes you need to have a proper Niche command, PLUS Blogging Strategy, which includes all basic principles and techniques of blogging, PLUS your Blog Verve that is your blog should show Exuberant enthusiasm and Liveliness, should be striking and have its own unique style.

So what more it takes to make a blog do what it meant to do?

Have you heard of some small communities or even cults?

What made them grow?

It’s their unique voice or cause that helps them grow and gain millions of followers and that didn’t happen in a nights stand. Though blogging helps you to spread your word you will have to have your word that in any Niche you are good in or you are passionate about.

Bloggers who do lot of absurd things to gain fame will find hard to get any followers except asking their friends to join their community.Blogging about improper subjects can create quite embarrassing situations, which are not good for blogging community and would definitely be regretted by those bloggers later.

Now if you don’t have something unique or if you are not clear with your long term or some times short term strategies you should be away from starting your own blog.This is not to dishearten anyone but could be part of your strategy.

It would be much better if you could start participating in other blogs, put your comments, be genuine and not like spammers. Be known in your community, interact with experts in your niche and mean time you will definitely develop good ideas for you to start.

Don’t fantasize of gaining thousand readers in one go but start developing your community, increase interaction among different blogs in and around your niche. This will help you in spreading your word and even word about your blog.

If you can get this right you will definitely gain most out of this technology, and learn other techniques to gain readership.As I said in my previous posts Technology will help you in spread your word but it won’t generate word and feel or your Blog Verve.

Do consider reading my previous post “While I was Blogging to Fame…”to get one more aspect of this.

Understanding the thought behind a blog will always help in Better Blogging.
I will be writing on how to gain most from your blog, Be There.

To make your blog do what it requires to do, first do what the blog requires from you.
You must have heard “First Things First”.
All The Best.
Divya Uttam
Happy Blogging to Fame

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posted by Divya Uttam, 4:59 AM


India sounds like a nice place to be. I recently found out that my father was from Bangladesh but I know nothing of the country or it's culture. I am just a silly American girl.

commented by Blogger starlight143, 5:41 AM  

I could not find a way to leave a message at your blog, probably its not working. The template is really nice and even your daily disasters. Well, Bangladesh had been a part of India, but that was a long time ago. And you are just a cute american girl.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 7:42 AM  

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