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Does your Blog carry Blogging Sense?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blogging tips|blogging tricks graphic
The time has arrived. The role of a blog in any online marketing is on rise. It’s even important for individual marketers. Most bloggers are blogging about their personal life. As I review many blogs, very few actually make up to the things which we can call good blogging.

For the people who are thinking of making big doing itzsi-bitzsee things have to take my sorry for it. I don’t consider black hat techniques to work for long, as they will not take you long before it’s caught and you are thrown out of your main source of traffic.

I consider Blogging as a successful Internet Marketing Tool. It helps you in making your own circle of Influence. Blogging can provide your marketing efforts a personal touch, which no other marketing tool can provide. It provides voice as well as sense to your marketing efforts. It’s a wonderful way to have communication between the authority and its community. This will make more sense if we take a example.

Lets take a mobile company, which is going to launch a new mobile in next 3 months. Then a blog would be a most ideal place to create a buzz, get prospects review and comments for pre-launch amendments and for using it as platform for releasing mobiles first pictures etc. This way mobile company will not only improve its brand awareness but will be able do more personal marketing which is so very important in growing competitive environment.

“Blog - An online marketing as well as business platform for professionals and corporate sector. A good first step towards online business ventures for newbie.”

There are many ways to use blogging for your marketing, but in no ways a tool for personal communication if you are business blogging. People don’t understand this is not a place to put your personal pictures and other related stuff. There are many cases when many good bloggers start losing there community or circle of influence as soon as they start bringing things about their personal life into their blog.

So getting personal with your community is not about sharing your personal life but it’s more about your influence in their personal life or basically getting into their mind. And if you are not marketing even then you should have better reasons to start blogging. In most cases you too will have to use same set principles of blogging as used for marketing for if you have other reasons to Blog.

White hat techniques are better, long lasting more rewarding and will always work better even after any changes in any of the current ranking criteria of most search engines.
Most bloggers have common problems. Lets take one of the most common.

Current Problem “Improving Your Findibility.”

Due to immense increase in websites and blogs its getting harder and harder to get good visibility. What’s more hard is when search engines have stopped ranking on your content in first place but gives so much importance to
  • Websites linking your blog
  • What type of websites linking you with how much variety those links have.
  • Relevancy of links linking you.
  • Number of Inbound links.
  • Age of links.

Due to all this the term “Socialization of your blogs” have evolved. As you got to socialize with other blogs, and all this is bringing so much of traffic to most social book marking websites, like technorati and things like My BlogLog have came into limelight.
But But BUT…

Search Engine’s still loves good content. A wrong concept has been evolved in last few years is that content has got to be new. But the truth is it has got to be presented authentically and should be presented in a way to help readers. A good page rank by Google doesn’t mean top position for your desired keywords. Its lot more to all that.

I rank no.1 in search results on few of my keywords in just 1st month of this blog just on the basis of my content.

Yes there are ways to get into top results even for your most desired keywords but before that you should be good and appropriate for that keyword at your place and before anybody finds you.

Very clearly I can state that due the latest methodologies by most search engines you cannot make fame and fortune just by fooling around. You got to provide solution to most people who have come to your blog either through your Blog Content or at least providing some instant
Good content blog that gets updated quite regularly will get more frequent search engine visits.

So It’s Time To Develop Blogging Sense.

We will be taking more of this aspect but consider reading following posts –
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5S of B.S.- OOPs!!! I meant Blogging Success.
Till then, have a nice prosperous time and do All your blogging To Fame.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 8:15 AM


Totaly totaly totaly.

I ahve a few mater of style tips for you today.

"For the people who are thinking of making big doing itzsi-bitzsee things have to take my sorry for it. I don’t consider black hat techniques to work for long, as they will not take you long before it’s caught and you are thrown out of your main source of traffic."

Once I'd read it a few times I agreed compleatly. However it could have been clearer to keep the pace snappy. Two tweaks would have mad it scan better sorry in quotes ("sorry") and "it's caught" to "you are caught".

There's a billion ways you can rewrite anything but you seem to be going for a specific style and I don't want to choke that.

If you feel like a little revenge feel free to pull me up on my own bloopers.

commented by Anonymous Lord Matt, 10:54 AM  

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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:14 AM  

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