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Substancial Blogging- 5S' of Blogging Success-Cont...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

In the last post I was talking about the substance your blog should be made of, the content and the quality of it. Content is just not the text we write in the posts and it is also not just the links and the design of the blog.

So what is CONTENT?

Content in blogging or any other site have many key factors to it. Just writing information won't do you any good. When we were talking about attracting visitors to change them into readers our content plays the most important role.

Content is the correct intigration of design and text to create a feel in the blog or site. It consists of every minute details that your blog consists of, where what has been placed, is the blog a selling tool or is it communicating effectively.

Content = Design + Text

It defines the look of your blog and the way your visitor would feel after having the look at the first frame that appears on his browser. It would generally consist of the following things:-
  1. The Title of the Blog
  2. The little description written under title
  3. The headline of the first post
  4. A few links
Those few seconds decide the future of whether the visitor is going to stay or will he cruely click the close button without even thinking for a second how much hard work it took to create your blog. You will do anything to keep him, to make him read atleast your first post. Only after he has made a decision to stay will your text matter.

Hypnotise your visitor from the first instance. Make him feel that this is the only place where he could get everything he is looking for. How? Well, it is not that difficult as it may sound. your blog should look professional even though the style being personal. You are doing business blogging, remember it. Don't get confused here because it is a very important point.

I had already talked about a style that talks to the visitor as if you are directly talking to him. Even though there would be hoards of traffic coming to your blog a particular visitor would be alone reading your post. So, now it is clear that you should maintain the conversation one on one. Now because he is there to search some particular information or to find a solution to his problem he is looking forward to professional assisstance. So the first feel he should get is that he has landed at the right site or blog.

I hope I made it clear what the content of your blog should be like.

Next time I would be talking about the second element of blogging success.

Till then continue blogging, blogging to fame...
Any questions? You are always welcome to ask.
Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam

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posted by Divya Uttam, 4:19 AM


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