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Blogging Strategies are Rocket Science But…

Thursday, February 15, 2007

In my last post Drive your Blog to Success and Achieve Breakthroughs, I talked about why we should use Blogging Strategies and not tactics, and what will this series guide you through. Before starting the series I have a point to make. Blogging is a group effort and by know means is this a course where I am going to do all the talking. I want you to participate, put in your queries and discuss those you have an answer to. I want it to be a group effort, which is mutual beneficial.

If you are blogging online, there can typically be the following 3 cases.
You are having:-

1. Blogs alone
2. Blogs supporting your Online business
3. Blogs supporting Offline business

No blog(Don’t Kid Me, you need to get one fast, now).

For both online and offline business you need different marketing strategies, and having a blog itself is very successful in itself. Why should you integrate blogs with your online efforts and how to take full advantage of it requires a full post, but when we talk about Blogging itself we have the same reasons to do it, whether it is any of the above three.

Changing your strategies can be the fastest, easiest and the most powerful way to Change your results. It may increase the benefits up to 2100% and might prove itself to be the best leverage for your business. Strategies are not your business model. Strategy might be sweeping but if your business model is all wrong you cannot expect it to perform optimally. Blogging should be a part of your business model and blogging strategies are entirely different from marketing strategies, because even its purpose is to benefit you and your business it takes a different course of action.

Blogging Strategies are rocket science but it principles are always the same, and believe me it is not at all hard to master.

Things you can expect a blog to do for you

1. Give you a base to represent your thoughts, share information and express yourself.
2. Developing Company-Customer Relationship
3. Bring you in Full time income for your Bread Butter and that Merc you always dreamt of.
4. The Traffic and Links for your blog supported website .
5. An end to being Anonymous(That’s Fame obviously).
6. Prospects for your Business.
7. You still want the seventh one? Ain’t these enough?

Rather than taking Strategies head on I have broken them into parts which may also contain sub posts, so that it will be easier to follow up. Blogging Strategies are much more than writing posts, so you can consider this an extended post of last one. I am going to start the series from tomorrow. Stay Tuned.

Divya Uttam,
Happy Blogging.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 1:33 PM


Blog alone is a good idea.It keeps the idntity of the user.Moreover strategies have to be changed with time...

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:17 AM  

#8. Damage control - A blog can boost your search engine presence so that most of what appears at the top of results pages is positive (i.e. located at your own blog) ... and it can also provide a perfect place for you to address concerns and crises quickly.

Nice post, Divya!

commented by Blogger Easton Ellsworth, 12:20 PM  

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