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Do Tags Keywords and Categories sound confusing?

Friday, February 02, 2007

In the Search Engine Race many new terms kept propping up. When Content became the King, categorizing it became all the more important to make it more accessible and usable. Keywords became the theme of the content and it was started put into various categories to which it belonged. Then came in the scene a more far more relevant term- Tagging. It was a technique to yet more organize and make it more discoverable.

Tags and Keywords and Categories might sound to have same roots, but essentially all three are different to their cores. People often mistake them to be synonyms of each other. The purpose of all the three is to make the content more findable or better say searchable by organizing the abundance of information available on net both for the producer and the end user of it.

The phenomenon generally works with user generated content. Lets take a deeper look.

Categories- The main or broad area under which we will be writing our post are the categories. They are few in number and is the broadest organizational technique. They are well-planned and are more constant. They normally define the subject we are talking about, and is decided before we put down a word.

Keywords- They are theme on which your post depends. This was coined for search engines and were related to the terms on which you are searchable. Keywords are embedded in the post or your article and evenly distributed.

Tags- They act like metadata about your post or descriptive words that are added while submitting it to various tag hype locations like Technorati, Del.icio.us, Netscape and Flickr to make it easier for others to find. For example, a story about a new iPod might have the followings tags: Apple, iPod, mp3, Steve Jobs.

When it comes to tags, they can be described by the reader who is bookmarking your article as their reaction to it. It can be as absurd as a ‘interesting French article’ for an article written in French about sunset.

Difference between Tagging and Keywords-

The main difference between tagging and keywords is the interface through which each is defined. Like mentioned above Keywords are words in your text and Tags are Metadata, something that defines your text and is still not included with it. Tagging is made extremely simple by the above mentioned tagging interfaces, Keywords have to be either inserted within the code or for blogs they should be decided while writing posts. You cannot just pop up the keywords without any reference.

Difference between Tagging and Categories-

1. Categories are previously defined and are limited in number while tags can be many.
2. Tags are spontaneous reaction of the tagger to the post or the pictures he is tagging, which can change with individuals. While categories are generally described by the author.
3. Relations between categories are tree-like, but those between tags are network-like.
4. Categories will organize my content and describe what I am talking about but tags help me share it with others.

All the above three, are very neccesary to make your content accessible. If you have any questions you can ask me. Just leave it in the comment.

Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 2:33 PM


Really good site. Nicely laid out and full of useful stuff.

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