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Why not to mistake Technorati's WTF as Digg clone?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Where’s The Fire more adorably known as WTF, is a social media feature, recently launched by Technorati, will help you write about the hottest and on fire topics, discuss them and vote for them. It allows users to write explanations of topics or search terms that are floating around the blogosphere. The Technorati community can then vote on the best submissions, which will then appear alongside search results and the top searches list.

According to David Sifry:
When you see a top search with an orange flame next to it, it means at least one person from the community has written their view as to why that topic is hot - right now. The community is also invited to either write their own explanation or vote on the WTFs they view as most helpful. Based on a combination of number of votes and timeliness, the top WTFs by search topic appear on the top of the results page.

But it isn't just for the hottest searches or the stuff with the biggest buzz - in fact, one of the things that I like the most about WTF is that you can write an explanation about any search or topic, and if you get the most votes, your explanation goes in at the top of the results page for that search. You can write a WTF on any topic that someone would search for, and provide information and resources to them about that topic or subject. So, you might want to write a WTF about yourself or your friends names, or your company (or maybe even your competition!)

Get rest of the article here.

Where’s The Fire is not Digg?

Since WTF is launched many had compared it with Digg and called it Digg’s clone. As Google has become a synonym for search engine, Digg has become a synonym for Social Media site. That is why any voting feature has to be compared to Digg whether they are related or not. My point is that Technorati has just the voting part for the blurbs common with Digg. Where stories become hot in Digg it’s the keywords and most popular searches that form a part of Technorati’s new WTF.

This feature allows users to explain most talked about issues and searches. Users can pick up any topic and write an explanation to it, why is it popular or anything they feel like. The stories do not directly link to any other blog or site, till a link is not deliberately inserted. Quality will be of prime focus here, not just the hotness of a topic.

How will The Fire help you?

1. The framework that is introduced by Technorati will give bloggers the power to raise their voices to be heard and give them a position in Blog Searches.
2. Will give your blog, popularity it deserves because it has quality content and not because of its distribution status..
3. Will give your opinions more exposure and you can talk about topics of your interest or which are relevant to your Blog.
4. Provides you as a Technorati Community, the power to vote for what is important and relevant to you, giving it a social media flavor.

Where’s the Fire, is going to the latest buzz on the blogosphere, and is there to stay. So all of you add WTF to your list of social media sites. Where WTF will give importance to the quality content but will also help you create your brand. Now when there is a awesome increase in the facility the Social Media offers you and with the all the latest developments, the Blogosphere will be like ever expanding universe and every company whether large scale or small, will be a part of it, along with individual bloggers.

So keep up with it,
Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 2:12 PM


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