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Blogging to Fame, Till Now. What's Next?

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blue whale Labs have come up with the idea to set themselves in New Delhi, India. Hey folks that’s a great idea. India itself is a developing country and sounds awesome to find people looking forward to set up their offices here. As their business is expanding they wanted a few good mammals to join them from United States. They have the following Criteria:-
“[…] Do not send us a resume. Collect the ten most important posts on your blog (You aren’t blogging? You’ve got to be kidding!) and write a blog post entitled Why Blue Whale Labs Should Care About Me (or the like), and tag it “a few good mammals”. Send us the link. Let’s see where this goes.[…]”

While reading the above I thought I would mention Blogging to Fame’s Ten top posts which I consider to be the best(Well, I like all my posts but after all the fights they went through in mind, I selected the top ten contestants) So, here are the lucky ones and now you can even vote for them, rate them from 1 to 10(1 being the best), or just read them and benefit from the information provided. If your favorite differs from these, do mention it. I am including reader views that are randomly picked with the categories you can club them in.

Web Usability

Vital Lessons Before you use Flash this year-Great article! I am actually one of the flash developers for yourminis.com. I could not agree more with your points. It's actually kind of funny, because if we ever put in flashy effects they usually end up being removed in the long run in favor of usability. If you have any comments on how we can further improve, please direct them to our forums at http://forums.yourminis.com/

Hart Woolery
commented by Hart

Blog Designs can confuse own Webmasters- I did not quite follow what you were saying but after a visit I totally agree. The image suggests itself as belong to the comment below.
commented by Lord Matt

Social Media

The Death of Search Engine Domination in Web2.0- Interesting thoughts, Divya.

I agree that the social network is going to play a much larger role, however, I don't think search will EVER go away entirely. Think about even 2 of the commenters here - both have talked about Google blog search and it working a bit better (more timely) than the traditional search.

That tells me that there is still some work needed to help users FIND the content they need. All the cross-promotion and viral self-networking in the world won't help in this aspect.

I see a marriage between search and the social network as being the best for the user.

Interesting also to note - I remember the early days of web 1.0 when all webmasters tried to get their site posted to as many locations (and get as many "webby" awards as possible) to accomplish the same goals that you are now working towards.

We have much better tools now, but what you're describing is what has already been - a giant popularity contest.
commented by malatobah

7 Truths for increasing your blog's social likebility!- Speaking of social likability, if you put some personality in your posts, as well as visuals like pictures or videos that are relevant, you will surely get more attention. People will be more willing to stick around and explore.
commented by Tim

Blog Optimization

Viral Marketing Vs Search Engine Optimization.- Viral Marketing and Spam are two very different things.

Viral Marketing (VM) is self-propagating and Spam is all about forced propagation. VM is beneficial to the propagator as well as the person at the receiving end. When Spamming is done, VM losses it’s purpose. Strategic planning as well as marketing cautions should be kept in mind before bringing Viral is brought into existence.
commented by Divya Uttam

Blog Optimization- Is Content the Only Real King online?- I have read a quote in some book saying: Abundance of information leads to scarcity of attention. I feel this is quite true for blogosphere. Increasing your blog visibility is not an easy task at the same time its not a rocket science.
Divya, Your blog has lots of content to help bloggers succeed.
I have few points to make:
If you are particular about a domain and you have enough knowledge in that vertical, it is pretty easy to get noticed.
1. Find out famous blogs in your vertical. Interact in the discussions through comments in the well known blogs of your vertical.
2.Try to interact quickly on your blog if there are any hot topics raised in your vertical.
3.Try to write a series of posts like, Daily Tip or Weekly Tips to convert new visitors into frequest visitors

Thats it!
Wish you Happy and Profitable Blogging!
commented by Chandra

So You Are A Wanna be A-List Blogger, Ugh!- "Its better to be known as an expert in your niche" is truly great advice. Thanks (again), Divya, for the great post
commented by ecllc


The Big Steal in MyBlogLog!- Don't spammers realize generating traffic this way will not be 'healthy' over the long run? People will eventually get bored of seeing their 'ads' everywhere and quit visiting. I don't know about you but I certainly do.

By the way I don't think it should difficult be to create fake members with random avatars on random days of the week..etc Can anyone with knowledge of scrip-bots confirm this?
commented by ilker

MyBlogLog and Quest for building Community-Divya, you know I'm in agreement with most of what you have to say and you definitely practice what you preach. I'm not concerned about what Andy and Shoemoney are doing because unlike Andy B.(whose blog I read frequently and comment on) I don't feel it undermines the quality of MyBlogLog. It is for each of them to determine the value of their actions.

What I don't like is people adding every contact and commenting spam on the community page. You know things like "nice blog, come visit mine at ______." Really? Was my blog nice, what was nice about it, are you ever coming back again? No probably not.

I'm only interested in building a community that is actually reading my blog and of course commenting (rare for most of us). Yahoo will bring a bunch of the aforementioned spammers and I encourage all of us to immediately delete any of those comments so others don't see.

Let's support each other and work on building our own communities and leave the spamming to those losers that probably don't have anything of value to add anywhere.
commented by David Temple

When Every thing you do is Spam...- Its a tough world out there on the Internet with all the spam getting around.

I too, had encountered what you did - not getting comments approved because you wanted to recommend them your article and forums not allowing signatures, even if all you wanted was to post your primary website URL.

Another problem was with spam filtering. While most spam filters work well, there are some good blog comments that got listed as spam, and for a person who doesn't check his spam box very often like me, messages will just not get across.

I read a book recently and the author thinks that spamming works - afterall, if it doesn't, why are people still spamming? I guess there are just some people out there without the proper business ethics :/

Anyway, its the end of the year. Your blog has been a great read! Happy new year!
commented by Kian Ann

Best of Luck Blue whale Labs for your venture, hope you soon have opening for Indians to work with you, too.

Here we go, you can read them or vote for them or include your own favourite. Blogging to fame will be more hot and happening place and I would be coming up with more features. Blogging to Fame Web2.0 is on its way, what say?

Stay Tuned,
Till Then Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 11:22 AM


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