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Drive your Blog to Success and Achieve Breakthroughs

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

blogging StrategiesIf you think you are putting in lots of efforts and yet lacking in the traffic, comments, links and appreciation you should have got, ThinK AgaiN.

I researched the net about Blogging Strategies, but all I got people writing about Blog being a marketing strategy for a company and why should small business invest time and money in blogging. Even I suggest that Blogs are the hospitality industry for the virtual world, but what if you already have a Blog and it isn’t working the way it should, the way you planned it would.

All through my Blogging era I realized people focus on following petty ways to grab any little part of fame and money they could. They focus on “Tactics” rather than “Strategies”. Such bloggers hardly get or attract any traffic and then they’ll all blame it onto the search engines. Business blogging was started to give an edge to your existing business but when your blog is pulling in all your energies and yet not yielding what it is supposed to, its time to reflect on your strategies.

The major difference between strategies and tactics is that the latter is time sensitive, and ultimately fail to leave a mark on your audience. Things like link exchange might work sometimes, or may seem to be working, but in the long run they are tremendous failures. Tactics may offer present relief but you will seem to be running behind everyone. You always have to put on your running shoes and design new roads everytime.

For a successful blog you’ll have to go beyond just reading and writing to collaborating and sharing. Create and provide audience. Have the power in your thoughts to make your visitors think.

I once read a story about a man who was in a parking lot of a mall where his car got blocked because of the heavy rush of visitors that day. Finding no one there he thought to help himself. The only way he could get his car was pushing at least one car out of the way, to make the space. So he started with a Black Civic just standing in front of his Nissan. He pushed and pushed for 5 minutes but it did not budge. Then he shifted his focus to the Cadillac standing next to it. With a similar experience he moved on to third, but in vain. In the meanwhile he saw a man with a lean body structure following his own example. He laughed in his thoughts imagining the man all exhausted. Half an hour later he had almost tried 6 cars but could not move a single one. He looked at that man. He was still pushing the same car he had started with. Minding his own work he tried another car. Not lucky again. Another 30 minutes passed by, and he had tried all the cars adjacent his Nissan, but of no use. Some moved a inch, some did not even bother to.

It was then he caught a glimpse of an empty spot. The man with his own car was missing. He had actually pushed away the same car he had started with.

I gave you the above example not to tell you about pushing the same technique, but knowing what is fruitful for your business. The successful man(let us call him so) knew that if would drain all his strength on that single car will get the desired results. It may had happened that car might have moved an inch. Then it would have been better to try another one. But that’s hardly a question. Its about knowing what is right for your business and then plan accordingly. Working Hard is one thing and working in the right direction is another. Putting in all your energies for each post, researching the net for similar information, taking out the best out of it and rest of efforts can go waste, if you do not funnel them properly according to a proper marketing strategy. The first man whose every bit of strength got drained but he could not achieve anything represents bloggers who try their hand on any tactics they come across without realizing the benefits or the lack of thereof.

I am going to start a series about how to plan your important blogging strategies. It would include:-

  • How to determine what you should Blog about?
  • How to get noticed in the blogosphere?
  • How to get the A-List bloggers acknowledge you?
  • How to dominate your niche completely?

I would suggest to subscribe the feeds so that it won’t be hard to follow up.

Till then,
Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 12:03 PM


Great Car analogy! I look forward to the series!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:25 AM  

I love the way you write.

And I love your pull quotes -- they really draw the eye.

And I love the way you take the time to format the first letters.

Great job!

commented by Blogger Paris David, 6:21 AM  

D- Once again, you have done it. Your perspective is right on. It is like many things in life, those efforts that are thought out and well planned always bear more fruit than those that are not. Listen everyone, Divya knows of what she speaks!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:44 PM  

Once again you bring it. Having a strategy is the way to approach anything and the tactics will follow. I guess your strategy is to write great content. I'll be watching for more.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:47 AM  

Great ideas about how to blog. I would follow this.

commented by Blogger Unknown, 2:38 AM  

Hey do tune in, coz I am coming up with very important posts. I have always insisted on content, that is surely one thing why people visit you but Blogging Strategies are much deeper than just writing posts. Oops I think it will be better not to write a post here. Hope to have your feedback coming in.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 8:38 AM  

I couldn't understand whatever it was you were trying to say?????

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:43 AM  

I think you were able to articulate the key to successful blogging.

commented by Blogger David Gearhart, 12:19 PM  

I will be looking forward to this.. Need to get recognized by an A-lister! =)

commented by Blogger ilker, 1:32 PM  

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