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10 Essential Assessments for your Blog, Clinch the Competition Now!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blogging which measurable is Blogging more profitable. Assessing your blog helps you increase unique traffic and repeat visits. We have so many sites coming up with free Web Analytics which had made it is easier to assess your Blog’s performance, and enhance its reach. We have already discussed about Google Analytics and FeedBurner, two free services that can form a part of your daily routine check. There are a few assessments that can be done with common logic and others with the help of services.

1. How fast does your Blog load?

Not only for blog but for any website the first impression to make depends on how fast it loads. While if your blog is quick enough, it may happen that nobody notices the time gap or find anything extra special but if its vice versa it may put a negative impact on the visitor. In this era when everybody has high speed internet connections or broadband, visitors have become all the more restless. “Give me more, and make is fast” is the present anthem. Your website or blog has dynamic content, JavaScript page tags, nested cascading style sheets and background-loading Web 2.0 pop-outs and flyovers. If your website takes an additional, unnecessary second to load, you may be chasing visitors away.

A faster loading page not only improves User-experience, but also the Usability factor. Many new developments have taken place in this field and this core issue is the base of AJAX. For further details you may like to go through Optimizing Page Load Time. So how fast is your blog? Are you monitoring it?

2. What’s your traffic count?

A point to be pondered about is the reach of your content to your expected audience. The numbers provided be the Web Analytic sites might not be accurate, as it depends upon cache files, proxy servers and cookie deletion. It may also differ slightly from each other if you are using more than two services. Even then you should keep a track of these approx. number of visitors, are they on increase, which post or which action of yours(like getting on the Digg frontpage) brought in more traffic.

The more people visit your site, the more it increases your popularity and brand awareness. This forms the first step in Web Analytics. It would guide you through the peek times your incoming traffic so that you can update just before that. Note the graph of your high and low traffic and you yourself would realize what to do of the information.

3. What is their motive to visit your blog and the length of their visit?

When people visit your site their search isn’t over. They want to find the search terms they are searching for and want to gain from the information you have provided them on the topic. They got to your site because Google or any other search engine thought that your content is relevant or simply followed a link. People who are visiting your site using which keyword search will help you optimize your blog accordingly. Length of their stay and no. of pages viewed will help you monitor whether they were appeased by your content or not.

4. How did they get there?

Direct, Organic and Referral are the only three free ways through which a visitor can stumble upon your blog. Rest of traffic will come through paid banners and ads. We are always in a hope that people would click their way to our blog. You need to know what is your source of traffic? Where is it people find your blog and pay a visit? If this information is there with you, you can increase free visitors by knowing keywords they search for and optimizing for them or increase the number of referral sources. Direct visitors are repeat visitors, once the new ones like their information they would start turning up without any help.

5. What are your Hot Spots?

How do you earn from your blog? Are you earning through adsense or by affiliate marketing? Where is it that visitors click at more? What are the hot zones of your blog or site? Are they clicking what you want them to click? Answer these questions and you would get what I am talking about. When you decide the hot places you can place your ads accordingly. You might think that people click on links useful to them or contained within an article. Once you are aware of the information they are searching for you can offer similar products or can place the adsense in between the content which is matching to your formatting. You’ll get what you need after this.

6. Where did they go?

Some blogs may have great traffic but also a high entrance bounce rate. Visitors who instantly click back button are of no use. Follow your visitors around your blog, see which was the second page they visited, the third and so on… While shopping online people generally follow the same trend. Compare products and their pricing, and finally making a purchase. Improve the user experience while surfing, make it easier and faster, you may earn a good-will for life.

7. What are your most effective Articles?

You would need to figure out which articles are doing the best and why, then follow your own trend, in a more optimized way. You need to know which content people are most hungry for and make it easier for them to find it. Place most discussed article section or Interesting Read on the front page. When you provide information about why your blog is popular and the best read articles you are gaining trust and keep on providing more, people will come back to you.

8. Look out for Broken or dead Links.

The worst thing that can happen to a visitor is to land up on a page-not-found, a broken or a dead link. That automatically would be the end of their visit. Nobody has time to refresh pages or find their way through. Remove dead and broken links or fix them.

9. Did you get a Feed Back for your post in terms of links or comments and repeat visits?

Are your visitors interacting with you? Are they giving you feedback of what they like and what they don’t? You should encourage them to do so. Ask for comments. Make your blog interactive and fun. Organize contests and quizzes. It will not only improve your blog but also make it more sought after. This will also get you incoming links and increasing referral traffic. New visitors are welcomed but repeat visitors are treasured. Is easy to cater an already pleased audience than to start fresh. Give them reasons for repeat visits.

10. Are you Blogging to Fame?

Blogs that contain buzz tend to grow famous and get increased number of subscribers. We have already discussed this in What’s the Buzz in your Blog? Call them and keep them is your motto.

Get a bigger, better, faster, stronger blog. Keep on tracking and improving results.

Happy Blogging to Fame,
Divya Uttam

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posted by Divya Uttam, 2:26 PM


I really need to do something about my blog's loading time. There is too many things on it but I don't know what to remove.. any suggestions?

commented by Blogger ilker, 10:41 AM  

Found this blog through MyBlogLog. Thanks for dropping by.

Loved this post because it rightly and systematically addresses the aspects any blogger should be paying attention to if they are blogging for an audience (almost everyone is!)

Adding you to my feed reader.

commented by Blogger Patrix, 10:51 AM  

1. How fast does your Blog load?
Most people have their blogs hosted on popular blogging services. Its hard to control this.

I go thought analytics and figure out what is happening where... What now, how do I increase traffic and more impotently participation?

commented by Blogger Harish TM, 9:27 PM  

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