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Choosing a Niche for your Blog- Part 2:

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How to determine what you should blog about?
When you are beginning to blog or taking up your next blog, you need to have a list of all the topics you can blog about. While starting you can think about the various possibilities available. You can have even a list of hundred. In this post we will tackle your list and see the most monetizing and profiting options from it.

Blog your interests: If you are going to establish an individual blog this can be a good starting point. You will anyways be knowledgeable about the subject and would keep up-to-date with it. Writing about it will not only increase your knowledge but you will also know what your target audience wants from you. People will also be enthusiastic once they notice you are passionate about the subject, and would like to know more from you. They would know that they’ll get the latest News about the niche at your blog, so you’ll have more repeat visits, who knows you might create a fan-following of your very own. Interacting and answering issues will be very interesting. You can write about anything from Maintaining Lifestyles to Politics and from Mobiles to latest Technologies.

Have you ever tried to search something but nothing relevant came up, this could be it. You can create a blog about a topic which needs information but yet not looked into by anyone else. It is the best to be the first to fulfill an information gap. Do research using Overture Keyword research tool or any other to find out that there are other people looking for the same subject. I don’t want you be the only one to look for it and write about it.

If you are blogging for your company, it is best to cater to your customers and prospects and write about the topic that interest them. I am taking it for granted that you know your subject well. Provide updates about new products and services, tips and tricks to use your product and latest developments of your company’s market. Don’t sell or even soft sell. You can tell cool features your company is providing but do not tell your visitors to go and buy, this is not what a blog meant for. You can achieve the zenith of customer relationships through your blog.

When you are done with the list, we can start eliminating topics that would end in poor results. Cross those items on your list that make you feel uneasy, and those about which you would not be able to write almost daily keeping it still interesting and fresh. Eliminate those which are not sustainable. You can blog about Cricket World Cup 2007 but that would result in seasonal topic after which you would not be able to produce anything. It might be fine for people who are looking to have periodic profits.

After you are only left with a few try to answer these-

  1. Is the topic popular enough to bring in loads of traffic?
  2. How much competition already exists?
  3. Do you know something through research or experience, which your competition is missing out?
  4. Are there any developments in the field, is it growing or shrinking?
  5. Do you have enough content or resources through which you can find some?
  6. Are there any other income resources for you as a blogger apart from Adsense, like affiliate or network products related to your niche or either do you have your service or product?

It may not be possible that you have perfect answer to every point above but after going through it you could yourself find an answer to the blog topic you should pick.

This article by Chris Garrett is a must read before you decide your niche.

For being a successful blogger, you should either generate an income source or a fan following. Many blogs die out before they come to lime-light. Then this isn’t Blogging to Fame.

Till next time

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posted by Divya Uttam, 11:06 AM


It is an art, I mean blogging your way. Great work!

commented by Blogger emka58, 2:22 AM  

Wow I used to think blogging was just time pass interesting to see that blogging is being used to generate revenues .Wat u r actually speaking is the fundamental essence of marketing applied to blogging

commented by Blogger Unknown, 9:32 AM  

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