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Get Set with your Blogging Strategies

Friday, February 16, 2007

Starting a blog is no big deal, but how to prepare yourself for making it successful and popular from the beginning is one. So before you start blogging put on your spectacles(Its good if you can do without them) and do some research, on whatever you have decided to blog upon.

Your Blogging Strategies will start from where you start planning about your blog. Like its name, the domain name you’ll use for your blog, what platform you are going to use, how will it be designed and everything else. A reader of mine mentioned in his comment that Strategies change from time to time. According to Wikipedia - “A strategy is a long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal, most often "winning". Strategy is differentiated from tactics or immediate actions with resources at hand.”

Strategy is a plan of action resulting from the need to reach of specific goal.

If you know your goal, and plan a course of action, stick to it. Changing of routes daily will help you get nowhere. Planning a Strategy takes in a lot of research of the market and developing it accordingly will help you achieve your destination. Following Hit and Trial method is usually applied with tactics, not Strategies.

I’ll pick up an example from Hindu Mythology. I would not get into much crucial details because we are not having a history class here. There were five brothers who were being thought shooting with the help of bow and arrow. Their teacher took their test one day. Each one of them was required to shoot a parrot in the eye(I hope it was a dummy parrot, I am an animal lover). Teacher asked them one by one what they saw. Each of them described the trees and the sky except one. This was the only one who could actually shoot the parrot in the eye. When he was asked what he saw he replied he saw the eye of the parrot. His aim was clear and he knew what he wanted from his course of action. He strategically shot accordingly to accomplish his goal, and he won. So your goal and focus should be crystal clear so that your strategies do not fail.

What are Your Blogging Strategies…

Strategies depend on each individual and his business, so defining Strategies for everyone is not possible(If you are interested to ask me to plan out your strategies, you can drop by a comment) . What I can guide you here through is how you should go about deciding what’s best for you and your business.

Step 1: Decide what you want from your blog, and how it should achieve your goals regarding your business model and develop your strategy accordingly.

Step 2: Research your market and your competition.

Step 3: List the points where your competition might be missing. Your competitions weakness should be your Strength.

Step 4: Your Blog should be interactive. Initiate an honest conversation with your audience.

Step 5: Remember, Blog is an extension to your personality. So, just because a topic is popular, you start blogging about it to attract traffic will reflect in your writing. You have to be passionate about what you write, and in addition to that you should be an expert in that field.

There is more to come in. Stay Tuned.

Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 1:02 PM


I could read about this stuff all day. It does kind of depress me though, I have no niche or no strategy, and maybe even no real reason to be blogging... I just like it. Oops? :P

Thanks for the tips!

commented by Anonymous Booger, 4:33 PM  

Hello Divya,

Thanks for visiting my MyBlogLog page. Hopefully, I'll see you on my blog some day.

I like this post. You've given some things to think about. I am somewhat of an accidental blogger. I started blogging out of frustration with an adsene revenue program. It wasn't long before I got hooked on blogging.

I want to focus my business on User Generated Content by authoring at least 2 more blogs, helping friends and family start blogs of there own and grow my grassroots UGC website, Clicklore.com. Perhaps you can point out a few of your posts that would help me focus in in my business strategy. I would welcome that.

I hope to hear from you soon.


commented by Anonymous Jose, 7:32 PM  

you got good complication here.. but without too much of think -- i blog because its cheaper then therapy..


commented by Blogger Yuva, 5:42 AM  

Excellent post! You are so right when you say:

Step 3: List the points where your competition might be missing. Your competitions weakness should be your Strength.

It's not always easy (shouldn't be easy anyway, cause everynoe would be successful :) )
I've had success doing that with things like adwords and PPC tho :)

commented by Anonymous Jonathan-C. Phillips, 10:30 AM  

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