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How to get noticed in the blogosphere?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

When you have ever increasing cloud of blogs and everyone wanting to achieve the very best for themselves, it is getting tougher day by day to actually achieve the zenith of popularity. Blogging has become very easy and profitable exercise, and your blog a part of your existence. With an ever increasing blogosphere, you need to make your own space, so that you can get known for your work and efforts, to actually make a little fortune from it, whether in terms of income or traffic.

As an offline business owner you might like to have an advertising budget and hire a few marketing professionals to generate brand awareness for your company who would look after your public relations with the media and others. Getting online fame is not much different as being popular offline as an individual. Lets take a few offline fundas of getting known. Get more people to know you as friends or acquaintances by being socially active, do something that create news, be helpful to others so that they appreciate you(this is inbuilt not a funda, but guess still makes you known), be a leader of thoughts or initiate and manage events, become an expert of certain aspects so people come to you for your advice etc.

Although if you have struggled helplessly and came to a conclusion that its very difficult to create a large audience for your blog or that you need an advertising budget, I am going to prove you wrong, sire, very wrong. Though the first and foremost is presenting a good blog, the rest goes easy. The content of your blog is what matters most and how professionally you present it. No matter what your advertising budget is, or how much you put into creating back links, if your content is not worthwhile forget about any sort fame. Whether you blog about golf or internet marketing, people will read your say if it provides them what they need. What is there in your blog that others don’t?

Promotion of your blog isn’t what you think it is and it is not that difficult as you think it might be. You cannot promote your blog without providing anything useful and you can still get your blog to the very top even if you are a newbie.

A knack for your niche, an expert’s view and a heart to help others can easily get you started. Blogs do not exist in Vacuum and you need to be socially active in the blogosphere and an ongoing updating of your blog is the basic necessity. I know sometimes there actually isn’t enough time to write quality articles frequently but guess, you got to give something to get something. You will also have to reach other bloggers through your shout-outs, reviews and comments, linking relevant and good posts to provide must read information.

Here is a small list of what all should do to get your blog noticed:-

1. Try to get fame for others, the more you give the more you get.
2. Search engine optimize well.
3. Comment on others blogs, create a conversation.
4. Provide RSS feeds for your blog.
5. Be an expert of your field and provide quality content.
6. Get yourself listed in major directories.
7. Pick up products and provide first hand user experience.
8. People do not talk about you if you are a part of the crowd. You need to be innovative and creative.
9. Get yourself noticed by the A-list Bloggers(I’ll soon tell you how)
10. Add a viral effect to your blog, be contagious.
11. Try Linkbating.
12. Use Social Network Sites to your benefit, without depending on them(Atleast they will help in Branding).

Though promoting your blog takes constant hard work but avoiding it will actually ruin your chances to get popular. Good promotion also helps you to upgrade the quality of your work.

Till then Happy Blogging to Fame,
Divya Uttam

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posted by Divya Uttam, 1:25 PM


Divya, I'd like to add, don't let your advertising overpower your content. If there were more ads than music would you listen to the radio?

commented by Blogger Derrick Daye, 2:31 PM  

What a wonderful post... thanks for sharing your knowledge with others. Good post... wonderful blog! Keep up the good work!

commented by Blogger Chandan, 1:09 AM  

difficulties with blog directories --- so many these day, knowing which best suits your blog is not easy (like as only indian blogs etc... or book review blogs,.et.) and ofcourse, i dont want to create login for many.
appreciate your insight on this.

thanks, /Yuva

commented by Blogger Unknown, 2:26 AM  

I'm inclined to agree with derrick's comment. I'm still pretty new, and my blog has some ads, but I see quite a few blogs that are new AND have every conceivable ad widget plastered all over the page.

To me, it screams "I'm in this for the money and I don't actually like to write."

commented by Blogger Brian, 10:01 AM  

I'm taking your advice by leaving a comment. :) That was a great post and very helpful tips. Please notice me Blogosphere....

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:08 AM  

Yeah, Derrick Daye is right about the ads too.

I redesigned my blog today since I'd gotta a couple of brave souls to tell me that I was junking up stuff with all my ads!

It feels better.

And yes, Divya, you're right about commenting and SEO and stuff.

My stats got better -- and me less lonely -- when I actually started subscribing to a bunch of blogs and commenting on other blogs.

And I'm still amazed at how many people don't have an easy e-mail subscribe box on their blogs.

I prefer to e-subscribe sometimes over RSS reading.


commented by Blogger Paris David, 10:32 AM  

Thanks for the infomation. I’ve bookmarked your article at itribe.biz/news to share your details with others interested in the same topic. If you know of other great articles on this topic, send me an email. I’d enjoy reading them for addition to the collection.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:52 PM  

Derrick You have actually added what actually goes unsaid when you are talking about quality of your blog. Thanks for making it prominent. I missed to mention.

Yuva, Blog directories might be many these days but you should actually aim on the good ones. Don't forget Yahoo and Dmoz.

Well put, Brian. If you follow it Peogles it will sure help. See now I know you.

Hey Paula, you'll never be lonely with so many friends in blogosphere. Its nice how people give you their feedback which is absolutely important to improve on what you are doing. I will sure mail you Itribe.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 11:16 PM  

Hey Diva, thanks for the tips. I recently registered my own domain and have started building the site there but I do not know how to tie in my blogspot to work in synch with my website www.indodreamin.com

I like the way yours works. Maybe if you get a chance you could give me some pointers.

commented by Blogger Indo Dreamin', 11:27 PM  

Good to know about commenting and SEO.

commented by Blogger Dinesh Karmankar, 4:31 AM  

good tips Divya,
After analyzing my blog statistics by google I have few points to share here....
1. you get some traffic if you leave a valid comment on others blogs
2. As you mentioned, Social networking sites do contribute to your traffic. Including a link to your blog in the profile of Orkut/any other SNS site helps a lot...
3. Linking to others blog posts will lead some traffic given that their blogging software supports tracbacks
4. Using MyBlogLog gives you lots of extra traffic....
Thats it...
Happy Blogging..

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:43 PM  

I would like to add that creating controversy works...

Howard Stern
Bill O'Reilly
Rush Limbaugh
Michelle Malkin

What works in one media works in another. If bloggers took off the gloves they would see their rankings soar.

Jason Cain

commented by Blogger Jason C., 2:46 AM  

nice blog. my blog language is portuguese but i'm writing the same blog in english to share my ideas with intelligent bloggers as you.

commented by Blogger K., 8:22 AM  

Informative blog and the look is great too! You are everything of which you speak. The comments are helpful as well. MyBlogLog is awesome for me.

author of 'NOtes From the MotherShip~Naked Invisibles'

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:22 PM  

Good hints for new bloggers. Thank you.

commented by Blogger takenphotos, 1:45 PM  

Thank you very much for this. I'm new to the bloggin scene but I'd really love to get more followers! Let's hope these work!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:58 AM  

Thanks! hmmm time to get started!

commented by Blogger Chad, 11:33 AM  

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