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Understanding Traffic and assessing what it holds for your blog?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Do you blog for traffic?
Or do you blog for some defined goals. Have you decided on as to what is your motive behind blogging. Even if you are yet to think about it, I would still recommend you to read this article carefully, because whatever the case may be we there is one thing common all of us, we need Traffic. Traffic is the base of all online business.

As bloggers for what-so-ever reason why we belong to blogosphere they can still be divided in two categories:

1. Those who blog for their business, or improve their business online visibility. They have a motive to fulfill and a company to support. These blogs are basically meant for better communication, building relationship, providing updates or attracting prospects for their business. They are much focused on quality traffic rather than sheer volume of traffic.

2. And those who have professional or personal blogs, but no business model behind them. They are either casual bloggers or even they might be experts in their niches and enjoy blogging. These blogs might not have any specific goals behind, but being interesting many times attract many repeat visitors. Their income source mostly depends upon ad revenue generated through their blogs.

We all traffic and want traffic which is interested in our stuff. The idea popped into my mind while I was doing research about blogging strategies, that there has to be a definitive strategy for traffic. Most of the times traffic should be effortless, and I am more than assured that a strategic approach for developing traffic would always lead to a continuous focused stream of traffic.

So while you begin with your strategies for traffic it is highly advisable to monitor your traffic that by increased traffic is not effecting entrance bounce rate. Sometimes traffic stats can be too overwhelming which may not be true in real terms. Increasing traffic should rather decrease your entrance bounce rate. Just for an example, while you get huge traffic from few social network sites doesn't mean too much in terms of building reputation , than just a boost in your Alexa ranking. And many times few social networking sites appropriately provide you with a continuous stream of traffic.

Getting visitors interested in your stuff should be the priority rather then general traffic. Many times being in a niche is too good for a blog success, which not only helps in gaining volume of search engine traffic quickly but helps in getting more loyal visitors.

Evaluating traffic:

Though this has already discussed previously it is necessary to mention it here, your traffic just have defined ways of reaching your blog.

• Organic Traffic, takes time to build, though efforts are well paid back with time. It is only when search engines have approved your blog and found it sincere enough will it send you traffic on the keywords you have optimized your blog/posts for. Once you are white listed you will often get much traffic from them.

• Another source of traffic is Social Networks which require lots of constant effort. Point to be noted here is that the traffic, which you gain, is not yours. This belongs to the social media site it’s coming from. You need to work a lot for that social media site before you get any traffic from there. I keep researching on such projects and I reached the conclusion that the traffic coming from here needs efforts and many times your efforts are a lot more than overall result. Here I am not talking about repeat traffic but the overall stature of your blog remains the same and if you are not a casual blogger but a professional blogger, I would suggest we have better things to do, if you actually no ideas how to convert them into your fans. Many times people putting efforts in these media sites get banned as soon as their sites their stories touch the homepage. (In Digg and Netscape few times as an experiment, when I stopped putting stories, the traffic faded away with time. Now being a professional blogger I cannot give my 3-4 hours daily to be popular there or to submit stories from over the web, slowly gaining the momentum, so I would be able to get continuous stream of traffic.)

• Referral Traffic: Referral traffic includes link traffic from inbound links and also traffic from few social media sites like MyBlogLog, LinkedIn or even from bookmarking sites like Technorati, Del.icio.us. This type of traffic is really good for every type of blogger. It is even better in terms of repeat visits and getting more referrals, as well as building reputation of your blog. Therefore inbound links are not only profitable for SEO point of view but also referral traffic, which most of the times is focused and interested in your stuff.

• Traffic coming from your marketing efforts, which include Search Engine Marketing, Viral Marketing and successful business model. This make people rush to your blog for updates, make people link you without you, asking for links. This is very important for blogger with long term success.

Most of the traffic building tactics should be done strategically for the long term, exponentially proportionate with your efforts and should not be of one on one types in context of your efforts.

And which one is the best traffic, you can trust?

This is the most important question you need to answer while you blog and blog for results. It would be in appropriate for many of us, If I say you should not consider traffic from the sources which demand high efforts with very limited success. Many do argue and write that it’s well worth putting your energies even for small results as every visitor counts, and I did believe this till few days back. But now I believe in efforts and time given in return of traffic and quality as well. So many times I was able to get traffic and good incoming links from few social media sites which in return require tedious job of being involved and active participation. But was that solving the main motive of my blogging. For me it was not.
Anything, which is not providing long-term solutions for traffic, and where you are not able to leverage your efforts, shouldn’t be considered as traffic source.

Precisely if you optimize your blog for search engines, with time, and some good efforts will help you build your traffic from search engines and this will be a permanent as well as regular, as long as you don’t do something to disturb your results.
And similarly a successful linkbating or viral marketing project would be able to provide you a great stream of laser focused traffic, without you putting your efforts on regular basis. Now this is what we can say successful blogging. And blogging should be a enjoyable affair than just quest for building traffic, but a source of Eternal FAME.

I just got this interesting read from Yuva's blog on "ROI of a Blog".

So what you think your traffic say?

Till next time,

Happy Blogging,


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posted by Divya Uttam, 11:59 AM


Am a newbie so I dont know if there is a predefined goal. All I wanna do is to assist travellers to Kuala Lumpur by providing information - good reliable infos that is.

commented by Blogger Alice Lee, 3:15 AM  

Do you have any suggestions on a web analytics tool that accurately tracks your traffic and it actually makes sense? :-D

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:32 AM  

So what do you think about building traffic from only indian users is there enough volume of users in that i also saw that u had used stumble for posting ur blog links so does it also drives good amount of traffic

commented by Blogger Unknown, 8:18 PM  

Ver nice tips..

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:51 AM  

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