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Analytics for better Optimization

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

After we had all the talk about how the blogging technology is evolving, content overload and getting traffic to your blogs/websites, it was inevitable to tell you that you have to track your conversion rate, your most efficient traffic source and keywords that are clicking with your audience. Remember, you cannot improve what you cannot measure and blogging is no different. This is about how to let others in the blogosphere find you and promote your content with you keeping a track of it.

Analytics have its own real advantages. Good practitioners always go for establish business models and this comes only from experience and a proper testing of different methodologies and business appeal. For business is becoming more of becoming type of open source, where improvements come from interaction and others experience, web analytics can surely boost your business than imagined if information available there is used as your business education and just not just mere facts.

You have two kinds of audience, your online readers/visitors and your subscribers. In order to measure analytics, you have to keep a track of both. A software that allows you to keep a track of your audience and analyze them is called an “Analytics” package.

Web analytics implementation strategy-
  • Improving Keyword optimization.
  • Developing keyword specific landing pages. Identify those keywords, and which appeal of your business goes with which keyword.
  • Track repeat visitor information and look for keyword or places, which provide maximum repeat visitors.
  • Getting visitors may not be the problem over web. Its getting targeted visitors which will improve conversions. Tracking the information will help you in getting information which source is providing you targeted traffic and which just chucks your bandwidth.
There are different packages for both websites/blogs and your feeds. It is very easy to find these on internet. You can find one dedicated to either of the above not both. A few company’s offer paid services, but not everyone can afford them. Fortunately, Google Analytics is a good tool for web analytics is a free service and Feedburner also offers a free service for feeds analytics, which can be upgraded by paying a nominal cost if needed. Alternatively many other sites offer free and upgradeable versions of such software.

Google Analytics-
It is free and very easy to implement. Sign up for your account and you will get a JavaScript to insert in your website or blog coding. After this you’ll need to click on the “Check Status” button to see if the JavaScript is installed properly and Congratulations! You are done with integrating your website/blog with Google Analytics. It helps you track:-

  1. Daily Number of visitors and page views- In the graph you will easily able to figure how many visitors came to your website as well as the number of pages they saw, within the given time frame. It will not only help you find the traffic but also the page views will help you to know there how much content they consumed from your blog/website.
  2. Geographical positioning- In what parts of the world are your visitors situated.
  3. Returning/New Visits- That’s quite self explanatory.
  4. Visits by source- Now that’s very important, the source of your traffic.

Google Analytics also helps you to know the bounce rates, conversion and the content summary. On which keywords did visitors searched for and came to your site/blog. You can know the placing of your site in the search engines this way. It gives you option to view as an executive, a marketer or a webmaster and has detailed options as per your choice. It also gives option to know the top entrances, top exit points and top content consumed. You will know about the sources, campaigns and last but not the least keywords, that make your blog visible to people. You can also do Goal tracking and watch your conversion rate.

It is also as easy to implement. Don’t believe me? Go to Feedburner.com and tell them I have sent you. No they don’t have any idea who I am, and guess it does not matter till you benefit and be sure you will do. You can find:-

  1. Total no. of feeds- In given time the total no. of feeds consumed by the readers. This can be found in the dashboard option.
  2. Subscribers are using which aggregator to subscribe your feed.
  3. Live hits will tell you last 25 visitors visited your site in how many hours, with their location, time of visit and user agent.
In my upcoming posts I’ll soon be taking up how to increase your traffic using Feedburner. Apart from the above you can also find how many email subscribers you have.

These software will together help you know the major metrics you need to measure to analyze your blog’s exposure. It is important to check daily trends and create reports to optimize overall campaigns.

There could be a trend you can probably check like you are getting traffic even from free SERP but they are not converting well, instead those keywords which are getting fewer placements converts well. Therefore testing is important. This could help in identifying keyword that convert well and it will help in your pay per click campaigns.

Testing is always a winner’s tool and web analytics makes all this a lot easier. With such powerful tools in hand you will always have competitive edge

Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam

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Before I bought Mint, I used to use Analytics. I'm deeply dissatisfied with it. Mainly because of complexity

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