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7 Truths for increasing your blog's social likebility!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

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How much is your blog successful and popular is defined by the amount of traffic it receives, and the conversion of visitors to readers and in turn readers to prospects if you own a marketing blog. Blogging to fame is all about making your blog healthy, wealthy and wise. It would be very obvious to say- Its all about targeted traffic.

We had already discussed previously about Substance and Suspense in blogging, another very important element of blogging is:

You have started a new blog, put in lots of information, presented it well, how do you imagine will people come to know about it. Search engines index you after they are satisfied that you are a relevant site and there to stay, not just another money earning venture using spamming and illicit software to optimize website. When we are talking about sociability of your blog it is also necessary for you to visit other blogs. We can apply the saying ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated.’ with our blogging techniques. A clear mix of the following will make your blog being talked about in blogosphere you will be able to convert your visitors to readers.

1. Comments- Visit other blogs in your niche or a parallel one. Comment on the posts. Just a ‘Hi, loved your blog visit mine...’ Does not work much. Be sincere with your efforts. Put in a useful tip, compliment where you liked the post and tell where it got out of track. This would build a first good impression. Never ask them to visit your blog, but be sure to leave your link from the second comment in that particular blog. If you are able to build your rapport, you have gained a long time reader for your blog.

Now coming to your blog, we need to make it interactive. I have been mentioning again and again that blogging is a communication tool and you need to be interactive with your readers. The more you get your reader involved the more are the chances of his return. Ask for comments, be open ended, leave space for opinions and remember to make commenting on your blog easier.

2. Community Blogging- This is a very efficient way to attract more visitors to your blog. When you build a blogging community, your readers are bound to you. There are several sites where you can build your own community like www.mybloglog.com. People visit your profile and can join your community. Your visibility increases and you tend to have regular fan followers.

3. Blogging directories- Submit your blog to the blogging directories. A few of them are mentioned in the side bar. Adding yourself to the directories make it easier for the people to find you. As you will be listed under categories either by the type of market you cater or regionally, it sends you targeted traffic. A blogging directory with a high page rank can do wonders to lift the traffic of your site. Some of the directories offer free service, others may ask for a link back and yet others may charge you for the listing. Sometimes it may not send much of traffic but getting links from high page rank website boosts your page rank in search engines point of view. Either ways, it’s a win-win situation.

Though there is a loop hole here. There are MANY places where you can get your blog listed to get more attention. If you get obsessed while doing this you may end up spending all your time here. So, aim for high ranking sites like www.technorati.com and get yourself listed there.

4. Social Bookmarking- It provides a way for users to store their bookmarks and links to their favorite sites online, so that they are easily accessible from any computer connected to the internet. These social bookmarking sites, of course, use tags to identify each web site link, and that makes them a powerful tool for smart marketers. Activities like social bookmarking give users the opportunity to express differing perspectives on information and resources through informal organizational structures. This process allows like-minded individuals to find one another and create new communities of users that continue to influence the ongoing exchange of traffic and information.

5. Tagging- Tagging has recently gained ample importance. Social bookmarking sites also provide an option to categorise posts or to say put tags on them. Not only does the tag help you easily find the web site, but it helps everyone else find the site as well. It is easy to see how this type of tagging can generate traffic and improve search engine ranking. Tags work in much the same way as keywords in the world of the search engine, and they have a great deal of potential when used properly.

6. Blogrolling- This is a collection of links to other web logs, which is found in nearly all web logs. There are different ways and reasons blog owners create their blogrolls. The most common is to indicate the favorite links that they visit and or read often. Another criteria may be link exchange. Some bloggers also add people and sites that they admire, but not necessarily read or visit. A blogger can create a blogroll either manually, via an automatic link manager, or both. One of the most popular link managers is Blogrolling.com. To use Blogrolling.com, all you need to do is sign up for their services, add your favorite links, and get the code to add to your blog where you want your blogroll to appear.www.link2blogs.com is another very good option which generates blogroll related to your blog automatically. When its blogroll is displayed on your site having links to other blogs, your blog ends is shown on theirs.

Not only does this create links for you but also provide your readers with information on your related or favorite blogs.

7. Trackbacks- “TrackBack is a mechanism for communication between blogs: if a blogger writes a new entry commenting on, or referring to, an entry found at another blog, and both blogging tools support the TrackBack protocol, then the commenting blogger can notify the other blog with a "TrackBack ping"; the receiving blog will typically display summaries of, and links to, all the commenting entries below the original entry. This allows for conversations spanning several blogs that readers can easily follow.” as defined in Wikipedia.

Trackbacks makes your blogs social and popular. When other bloggers write posts on your article linking to it, your visibility automatically increases as well as if somebody is reading your post he can find related information at other blogs.

If you have other ideas on how you can increase your blogs sociability do post it here.

Till then Happy Blogging to Fame,
Divya Uttam.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 9:01 AM


These are all extreamly important tools in the quest for community (the interaction and conversational narrative that draws people togeather).

Sorry I have not been around much lately (I have been rather over worked and ill which do not a good combination make).

commented by Anonymous Lord Matt, 1:40 AM  

tut, tut, tut - those naughty multi-exclimation-marks are stalking you now. Be carefull with the "!" as it is a character much favoured by scam and spam...

commented by Anonymous Lord Matt, 5:13 AM  

That was just to gain your attention Matt... Just kidding. Welcome back to my blog and I'll correct it for sure.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 6:22 AM  

Speaking of social likability, if you put some personality in your posts, as well as visuals like pictures or videos that are relevant, you will surely get more attention. People will be more willing to stick around and explore.

commented by Anonymous Tim, 12:40 PM  

Hi Divya,
this is very helpful, thanks! I just wrote a post about my web traffic as well -- wondering why search engines aren't listing my pages too well. Heard it may need more relevant links to it -- i will certainly apply your suggestions! Thanks again.
Nice.. and I also want to reinforce the point Tim has mentioned - the "personal voice!" People come back to your blog because they want to hear from you, so remember to put some of "you" into the blog posts, add some humor, and your readers will come back every single day!

commented by Anonymous Kian Ann, 4:42 AM  

I surely agree to your points Tim and Kian. There has to be a level of "personal voice" in your posts and that is what I keep telling everybody, but I think I am not following what I preach. You will soon see a garunteed difference. Now, thats a promise.

As for mentioning it in the posts, I will reinforce the point more apperantly in my upcoming posts. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to comment on it.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 8:10 AM  

hii divya, really nice blog. I just wonder why it doesn't have a pagerank yet; considering that this blog was born in July!

commented by Blogger Sarthak K, 10:06 AM  

Thank you Sarthak,
You have given an answer to your own question. This blog has been born in July, and Google ranks websites or blogs normally after 6 months of its existence. I have to yet work upon developing links, which I prefer should be organic or natural.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 10:14 AM  

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