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Blogging Fame For A Common Employee.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

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Real People.

Some days back I was in a car manufacturing plant. I was accompanied with my brother who is a senior person there. I was lucky as I was able to meet one of their engineers who were working in some product R&D department. He was leading a team whose main job was to customize the cars engine in a way to get best of mileage. After a detailed discussion I was so much astonished to learn so many simple techniques he knows to optimize our cars performance or how we can get our 5-year-old car running like new. He even accepted the fact that there are many simple industrial solutions to car problems that car manufacturers don’t reveal for market reasons.

I can go on about my experience there but coming back to our main cause i.e. blogging.
I have been blogging for sometime just got the idea how a common man working at some firm can gain so much from Blogging and give so much to community.

Now suppose, my car is giving me some ignition problem. I am working on an important project and do not have time to take the car for servicing. Does it sound familiar? So while I was surfing for some information regarding my project I decide to browse for that particular problem I am facing with my car. I find a blog which is maintained by one of the engineers I talked about above. He gives some good insight on day to day problems that are faced by car owners, and I find a handy solution to mine. What will happen next? He will have me as a permanent reader of his blog.

Next Thursday my friend calls me up and asks for the URL of the blog because now her car is troubling her. After listening to my solution and how I got it for my own car, she found that the blog can solve her problems, too. Here comes another fan-follower. The blogger is on his way to fame.

A common employee who is well versed with his field and knows about the latest development of his industry, has effective at-home solutions to our daily problems becomes a famous blogger just by sharing his experience with the people which in turn benefit them.

Even though Blog provides a very good platform, it is strange that only a few professionals are using this for advancements in their carriers and help generating passive income.

You can easily become renowned person in your particular niche and establish yourself as experienced industrial professional. See beyond your job to be world wide known personality and make yourself rich and famous.

Have a clear vision of what you want your future to be like. Blog your way to it. After you have established yourself and become famous, your dreams would be at an arm’s length. Go and grab them.

For your Success,
Divya Uttam
Happy Blogging.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 7:27 AM


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