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What you can learn from T.V Soaps while Blogging?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

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Last night my favorite program ended and I was so desperate to get into its next episode. I am so much into it that this morning my mind reminded me not to forget the telecast. But gosh it’s not to be coming today. It’s Sunday.

How involving and mind occupying can these daily soaps be?
T.V soaps have their regular viewers.

SO does your blog have regular visitors?
What’s the percentage of visitors of your blog are repeating.

And does our Blogging carry that type of zing.
Have answer for these and you might be getting a better blog.
Right now this blog is not carrying that, it’s more like a lecture session. But hey guys, just take my words that it is going to be big FUN, wait for it its just on its way.

As I always say your blog should have more than just a good post. It should be involving.
So if you are willing to get more visitors and convert them to your customers or join your community or whatever desired action your visitors should take, you should get them involved into your blog. Brain tends to take more desired action, when it’s fully involved or say brain is


Getting it to be more involving gets us to one more “S” of blogging and that is Suspense.
This is a key ingredient of blogging as well for marketing these days. Suspense is used to create Hype for launches as well as gaining regular visitors. Boring blogs are least visited and very rarely re visited.

So if you have a message to be given to your community or your viewers, you should be innovative enough to be interesting and have means to create Suspense.
Here is one of my favorites line-
“Surest way to be Dull and Uninteresting is to say it all”

Lot’s more coming to get your Blog gets Blogging.

P.S- I am being criticized for not using my own stuff of things what I write, But hey guys then you will have to wait for my blog doing these things.

P.P.S- When in Doubt, DO IT!

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Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam


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posted by Divya Uttam, 11:44 AM


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